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His paintbrushes are an extension of his anatomy, the colours are the seeds of his soul, the blank canvas a world where expression, pain, confusion and meaning allow this artist to not think and just be... and deliver today what is known as his movement of “Inspirational Artistry”.

Born and raised in Sydney Australia this self-taught artist found refuge in all things creative from a very young age. Constantly feeling different from others, art in some form or another was always present in Matteo’s upbringing and delivered comfort to this quiet and curious being.

From the moment he picked up his first crayon and began to draw, a sense of calmness resonated from his soul each time he allowed imagination to take over, spending hours developing his craft harnessing the element of creativity within. Matteo continually sketched, painted, and expressed his feelings and thoughts through his communicative outlet of art. Unknown to Matteo his art and ingenuity was his spiritual guidance preparing him for his later purpose in life.

Diagnosed with what the medical industry labels as a “non curable non contagious” chronic disease at a young age Matteo utilized his inner warrior spirit developed through his years of education via the teachings of martial arts to strengthen his mind and not give in to what had temporally taken over his body without his permission, whilst finding comfort expressing his pain through art, writing and music.

“Art allows us to be free, escape from hardship even for a short time.  Art is therapy to the soul”

– Matteo Charles –


Today Matteo Charles is a composer, life illustrator and inspirational artist who employ’s art, movement, music and his story of adversity to deliver and connect with audiences around the globe in a way that captivates each person he is blessed to communicate his passion with.

Starting with a blank 6ft X 4ft canvas Matteo creates live on stage portraits that tell stories of their own, creating lasting interest from each audience member during every second of his performance. Matteo utilizes the platform of art to engage with his audience on a personal level allowing the portraits to become an introduction to the artist who is Matteo Charles, resulting in an inspirational story of a life of pain, near death experience, to living his dream, captivating audiences from the ages of 5 to 105.

Matteo has collaborated and painted for global influences such as Anthony Robbins, John Travolta, Sir Richard Branson, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Halle Berry, Quincy Jones, Sir Michael Parkinson, Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Mackie, The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Porsche, Jay Abraham, Doug Ellin. He was the official live artist for the celebration of Bruce Lee's 75th Birthday November 2015 in Hong Kong, he is an international shoe designer, and recently released his biography titled 'My Disease, My Teacher" Available now through Amazon.

His performances have been described as:

Inspirational - Moving - Relatable - Visual Stimulating Powerful - Influential - Significant - Exciting - Fun Thrilling - Jaw Dropping - OUT OF THIS WORLD