Inspirational Artisty


Each Line drawn within every sketch, every time a brush stroke collides with a blank canvas releasing an explosion of paint is his soul extending and expressing its passion for creation to humanity in the physical form of sight.


Matteo Charles is………. Inspirational Artistry

A live performance art experience combining paint, canvas, music, movement, martial arts, and his story of adversity.

Inspirational Artistry is a form of entertainment that takes visual impact and mixes it with human curiosity, anticipation and surprise, leaving audiences captivated and wondering what will be the final outcome.

As a student of life this artrepreneur continually searches, studies and learns elements to enhance his creativity continually evolving his art to increase the anticipated visual experience when he performs.

Inspirational artistry was conceived through the higher consciousness of Matteo Charles via meditation and premonition.

Starting with a blank 6ft X 4ft canvas Matteo creates portraits live on stage; portraits that tell stories of their own.  The live performance creates lasting memories for each audience member.  Matteo utilizes the platform of art to engage with his audience on a personal level, allowing the portraits to become an introduction to the artist who is Matteo Charles.  The viewers follow Matteo’s inspirational story of a life with pain, a near death experience and finally an artist who has been able to realise and live his purpose.  His story is captivating, entertains & unites all ages, cultures and religions.

Matteo is a high quality performer who will wow your crowd or audience and keep them highly entertained.  With an ability to paint with two hands, upside down, jumping and with high energy music, your audience will feel engaged by his energy and animation.   You can trust that Matteo knows what works. Matteo customises his performance to your requirements and requests and can deliver a full performance within 10 minutes.