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  • Opener/Closer for Concerts/Events
  • Product launches and product reveals
  • Charity fundraisers with auctions of the artwork live at the event
  • TV Guest Appearances
  • C.E.O Reveals at Christmas parties
  • Shopping Centre School Holiday Centre Stage Entertainment
  • In Store Live Marketing Tool
  • Half Time Sporting Event Entertainment
  • Festivals
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  • Matteo creates commissioned artwork using his signature style.
  • His experience and diversity allows Matteo to paint portraits for you, of you or of anything you can think of.
  • You can request a portrait of anyone (movie icons, political figures, religious leaders, musicians, athletes, animals etc) or anything(landmarks, landscapes, cars, technology etc).  The list is endless and Matteo is able to create a masterpiece to suit whatever you require.
  • Commissioned artworks are  also used for short-term projects for TV, advertisements or even used as client and staff gifts.
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